Smile Politely

Beat Our Caption and Win an Autographed CD!

Alright folks! Now’s your chance to do some sizzling of your own! Check out the picture below and comment on it. If your caption beats mine, I’ll let you have an autographed copy of the highly-acclaimed Hedlites album, Sum Racing, Sum Stopping.

Last week, our C-U Siz photographers snapped this photo of what appears to be a very “out-of-it” Joe Funderburk (aka Joe Thunderfists), former Tritone drummer and current drummer of Mad Mardigan. Write your caption and win!

“Joe really hasn’t been the same since he figured out how to mic his head to make a woodblock sound…”

The prize is the real deal, as you can see below. These songs have been recorded by Hedlites themselves and they have given me this autographed copy that is sure to gain value over the next few years or so.* This band is well on their way to major chart-topping success and you can be the only kid on your block to own this!

Happy writing!

*Hedlites is in no way related to Headlights of Champaign. Actually, I made that name up to avoid any type of copyright lawsuits from the real Headlights. The music on this disc is actually a bunch of sound effects from old ColecoVision games and Wilhelm screams. Do you see? It’s not even really music! Ha ha! Take that Brett Sanderson—looking like Walker Texas Ranger. You need to shave. And people, stop asking me to write about you! You keep doing outrageous stunts, hoping that I will take your picture. Psssht! As if!

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