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Artist to Watch: The Ting Tings

Some artists are just going to become popular, simple fact, and The Ting Tings are going to experience a rush — right about now, actually — especially after the push forward from their latest iPod commercial debut. Their full album, We Started Nothing, is scheduled to come out on May 18, but they have three singles out in the U.S. including Great DJ, Shut Up and Let Me Go and today’s That’s Not My Name:

The duo, Katie White (guitar/bass drum/vocals) and Jules De Martino (drums/electronics/vocals), started off playing at house parties in Manchester, England, but soon relocated their scene into the mainstream with the help of close fans. Their sound is classified as electro-indie-pop, but they have this distinct ability to grab their individual styles of spunk and put it into their catchy beats. White reminds me of Yelle, but more austere in her trendy English-punk thing she has going on. Martino’s electronic capacity confounds me. He doesn’t muddle the sound, but uses electronic sound to both further the complexity of pop and fill in the gaps that are only expected between a two member group. Consequently, I am curious to see how they play out when live.

White and Martino have gathered a steady following in the U.K., but have yet to grip the U.S. into the full kit and caboodle of radio plays on campuses, “cool club” plays (well, too cool for Campustown) and a million and one shows across the nation (there are only 11 designated for the U.S. as of now, including Lollapalooza). Regardless, I expect them to come on strong in the states. How long the fans’ obsession will last, I am not sure, for they are so much fun that they might get overplayed and burnt out fast, but one can only hope the fun will last until that time comes.

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