Smile Politely

All-Ages Punk Show Tonight at IMC CANCELLED

Thanks to quick-witted commenter Ben, who pointed out that ” this show is CANCELLED. ” Sorry for the goof.

Tonight at 10 p.m. at the Independent Media Center, down-and-dirty punk rules as North Carolina’s Dirty South Revolutionaries, Las Vegas’ Murder Majesty and local folks Alleyway Sex take the stage for an all-ages show. Admission is just five bucks, so why not check out their songs online and see if it’s worth your time?

Alleyway Sex offers this list of things they hate: “oppression, the police state, racist homophobic assholes and modern day country and R&B (rap & bullshit) music.” So there you go. Maybe you hate the same stuff, too, and you will become fast friends.—

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