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A triple play on Sunday

Mike N Molly’s was the place to be Sunday night. Three local acts shared the stage, each performing nearly an hour of original music. Originally scheduled to take place in the beer garden, the show (dubbed the Sunday Stripdown) was moved inside due to unfavorable weather conditions.

First to perform was Walt Falbo and the Falbonauts. The trio’s unique blend of two six string electric guitars, drums, and vocals proved a solid force to begin the evening. Next up were Cody and the Gateway Drugs. Promoting their release Songs From The New Depression, the quartet set the tone for what proved to be a very intimate night of music. They were followed by the one and only Paul Kotheimer, who recently released an album titled My Message.   

Below, Kotheimer

Listen to Kotheimer below:

Below, Cody & the Gateway Drugs

Listen to “Kingdom Come” from their new album Songs From The New Depression below:

Below, Walt Falbo and the Falbonauts:

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