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A preview of C-U Folk and Roots Festival 2017

The 9th annual C-U Folk and Roots Festival will be kicking off today November 2nd and will be running through November 4th. Although it may say the words “roots
and “folk”, it spans musical genres from all sorts of American music. Diverse musical acts through the night will keep you entertained and for those who want to get an early start or bring their families – there are family friendly aspects to the festival, which aims at family activities and helping children get involved with music. There will also be dancing to watch and learn about as well as other festival events. You won’t to miss this festival.

While this preview checks out Friday and Saturday, check out what’s happening on Thursday at Krannert Center via the schedule.

Friday, November 3rd

Henhouse Prowlers (above) play music inspired by the roots bluegrass, but they are all over the place with quick playing, relatable stories and great harmonies. Their live performances are something that will never leave you wanting more, their talent speaks for themselves. Every member has been playing music most of their lives, except the banjo player who at 23 picked it up on a whim, but spent the next few years making up for lost time.

Check out one of their latest recorded performances:

Doktu Rhute Muuzic, got his name from a song he wrote that was inspired by his father who was an Herb Doctor. Intially it started as “Doctor Root” but was then stylized to Doktu Rhute to incorporate his life into his name. The combination of blues guitar, with a funky bass make every song extremely unique and if you don’t get lost that you’ll get lost in his story telling, it heavily emphasises showing over telling. 

Check out “Steppin” from his album The Root Doctor’s Back!

Emma Dilemma, imagine had Julien Baker gone the way of folk rather than indie. I believe the result would have been similar to Emma Dilemma — it could be that they are are both from Tennessee. Who knows? Either way it’s somber guitar playing, with honest lyrics detailing plights of uncertainty and coming to terms with the way things go.

Check out Not my Baby from her EP “Drift away” 

Miss Tess & the Talkbacks brings the energy right to your face with her rockabilly style of music. You won’t know how to start dancing for this one, but you will definietly want to start. She is constantly exploring the cross roads of American music and it shows.

Check out her music video “People come here for gold”

Saturday, November 4th 

The Urbana Free Library will be hosting several events through out the day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Other events during the day: Lessons at Pizza M, Dancing at the Independent Media Center, Music Jams at the Iron Post and Family Programming at the Community Center for the Arts.

The Hooten Hallers (above) are certainly hooten and they’re certainly hollerin! Fast paced with elements of americana, punk and blues. With addictive guitar licks and low raspy, baritone singing you’ll feel like you’re listening to Benjamin Booker.

Check out Missouri Boy from Greetings From Welp City!

Lowest Pair explored root music and banjo and brought it together in a way that makes you feel like you’re listening to folk music from when you’d only be able to listen to it live, because mediums for playing music didn’t exist yet. The music at first seems simple and slow, but builds melodies upon itself — it becomes enchanting and beautiful. 

Check out “Waiting for the Taker” from their album “Fern Girl and Ice Man”, a play on one being from the Pacific NW and the other from the Midwest

Fox Crossing Stringband a good old classic stringband consisting of dobro, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass. Add to that four great voices and a skill for harmonies. You’ll find yourself wanting to sing along, so learn some of the words now before the show!

Check out a live version of their song “How Mountain Girls Can Love”

Check out the schedule here — a ticket for the weekend may be purchased for $40 starting November 3rd at 5 p.m. at Festival Central, 206 W. Main St. and during the festival at most venues.
For more information visit here.

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