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Xinh Xinh celebrates one year today

About a year ago, Editor supreme Joel Gillespie and I whimsically dined at the newly opened Xinh Xinh Cafe in Urbana. Its location was suspect; parked in the Schnuck’s Plaza on Vine and Main in downtown Urbana, next to fast food Chinese, Quizno’s, and Papa Murphy’s, we didn’t see reason to give it much promise.

But then we ate. And ate, and ate. And by the meal’s end, we were talking with Shai Mauth, the owner and head chef, about where he came from, and what he intends do to with the place.

The first year has been a solid one. Never are you eating alone when you go in for a big bowl of pho, or a reasonably priced and delicious banh mi. Its reputation grew quickly, and soon enough, the restaurant was being lauded as one of the best and brightest new additions to the recently burgeoning downtown Urbana restaurant scene.

It even earned a number seven slot on the Top New Restaurants of the Decade, here on Smile Politely, beating out the likes of KoFusion and Escobar’s, and places like B-Won and even bacaro, whose fans have been crying CHAD, and whining for a recount ever since the list was released.

The reason is simple: the restaurant delivers all the things that the people of Champaign-Urbana desire when dining out: fair prices, good portions, and delicious food.

So, to celebrate, owner Shai Mauth is giving us a little break from his already totally reasonable prices. Today, Tuesday January 26, 2010, there are specials galore, plus giveaways, live music and more. Head on over at any time to check it out:

  • For lunch — $5 sampler platter that will include 2 chicken wings, 1 egg roll, 1 deep fried egg, half a sandwich and a thai ice tea
  • all day — $5 pho, rice porridge and vermicelli noodles.
  • $20 gift card giveaway — chance to enter with every purchase — 5 drawings total
  • 8 p.m. will have music and drinks

Cheers to you Xinh Xinh Cafe! You’ve helped make C-U a better and more delicious place to live.

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