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Uncork Urbana Wine Festival 2016: a review in photos

I went to this year’s Uncork Urbana Wine Festival over the weekend coordinated by  the Urbana Business Association. It was another solid year of wine, food, music and people in Urbana. The weather was hot but as the sun went down Busey Bank threw some shade on the event and the party continued until 9 p.m. I tasted a few wines, ate some food, and grooved to some music. Check out my experience. 

I am not trained in wine tasting but I did taste some wine and I wanted you to know what I thought about some of the flavors. Before you read on I’ll say that I’ve broken my review down into a simple, and probably laughable, scoring system. I rated the wines out of 5 for a boozey or sugary taste and I only drank whites. So here it is. 

White Oak Vinyards, Golden Days, Seyval Blanc

  • Sugar 3/5
  • Alcohol 3/5
  • Very well balanced

Vahling Vinyards, Fireside Red

  • Sugar 4/5
  • Alcohol 1/5

Bishop Creek, Vidal Blanc

  • Sugar 4/5
  • Alcohol 3/5
  • Had that moonshine flavor

Pheasant Hallow Winery, Vignoles

  • Sugar 4/5
  • Alcohol 1/5
  • Reminded me of fruit juice

Although my rating system is very elementary it should be noted that each of these wines had wildly different flavors and the people serving them were very friendly. 

Here are some more photographs from the day. Enjoy and see you next year!

Of course there were food trucks to keep stomachs full.

Corn from the Carribean Grill.

Pizza from Dragon Fire.

Pork nachos with pineapple from Piato.

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