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Triptych bypasses another hurdle, waits for results

Triptych met its next round of challenges from Savoy business and homeowners Wednesday night at the Village of Savoy Board of Trustees meeting, held at the Savoy Municipal Center.
After nearly three hours, the Village of Savoy Board of Trustees voted to table their vote until the next meeting in two weeks.

The majority of residents’ apprehensions were based on noise concerns, traffic issues (both vehicle and foot traffic), and safety.

One of the opposition’s lead opponents, Joe Snell, was not in attendance because of what some cited as a concern for his safety.

Leaders of the Arbour Meadows Homeowners’ Association led the opposition against Triptych last night, expressing fears and concerns for the presence of a “tavern” in their community.

Board President Heather Mangian said that homeowners learned about the situation with Triptych just last Thursday and have been busy trying to catch up: “We want the rules that we live by.” Mangian said that Triptych patrons likely wouldn’t follow the rules and that Triptych would be “injurious and detrimental” to public welfare.

Mangian added that she was disturbed by Benjamin’s call to action on Facebook that included Joe Snell’s phone number: “Being afraid in our homes is a big change. This is intimidation in the worst form,” she said.

Triptych Head Brewer Anthony Benjamin said a friend told him that Triptych would put Savoy on the map. “I had to argue and say that Savoy is already on the map. This is just going to add to the legend.”

Namsoo Hyong , owner of the HMD Tae Kwon Do Academy, expressed his concerns for the children in the area: “I didn’t want the children to see the wrong image. Or see a tragedy around my business.”

He recommended that Savoy not allow businesses to set up bright lights, sell anything outside, or have customers outside.

Ultimately, Hyong has reversed his initial opposition to Triptych carrying on their mission at 1703 Woodfield Drive as long as additional conditions were met. These included putting up a six-foot barrier around the perimeter, a limited serving size of 16 ounces and to not serve anyone who is visually visibly impaired.

Brian Kajowski, treasurer of the Homeowners’ Association echoed many citizens’ opinion by saying that Triptych is in the wrong place. He asked, “Who are you going to listen to, the voice of the citizens who live here or those who want to come here and drink beer?”

Those in favor cited Buffalo Wild Wings as an example of an area bar with outdoor seating, televisions, and noise. They also focused on the character of the Triptych Brewers who are willing to work with the community.

Melissa Romero of Champaign said that she “wouldn’t mind spending [her] Champaign money in Savoy.”

Despite repeated attempts from those in favor of Triptych, citizens expressed a general opinion that “a bar, however fancy, is still a bar.”

Arletta Fortik of Savoy said that she has lived in Savoy since 1986 in a peaceful community. She said she recently learned about Triptych on Fox news and brought it to the attention of the Homeowners’ Association. “Champaign is a long way from here,” she said.

Board discussion at the end of the night seemed to dispel the misconceptions about Triptych’s intentions and members seemed to lean toward a favorable outcome for Triptych in the near future.

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