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The Bread Company delivers on its hummus

Windows lined with assorted wine bottles and a variety of pleasant earth tones greet you upon entering this incredibly quaint space named The Bread Company. It is a unique spot for a light, yet filling lunch on a still slightly chilly Saturday afternoon. The smell of freshly baked breads and the delightful chatter provide a sense of welcome immediately upon arrival. The Bread Company is located on Goodwin in a spot that always seems to be bustling with activity; regardless of this incessant activity, once inside, time seems to slow and only a genuine calm remains.

My decision was between the roasted vegetable sandwich without cheese, or, the hummus sandwich. I opted for the hummus because I believe one can never go wrong with this as an option. The list of freshly baked breads include white, sourdough, whole wheat, rye, and Zupfe. The sandwich itself consists of two halves of bread smothered (generously) with a garlic-infused homemade hummus. Finally, it is decorated by a tomato slice, lettuce, and sprouts on each half. I chose to eat them separately in order to make the sandwich more accessible for eating. Overall, it left me absolutely satisfied, it was beautifully put together, and most definitely pleasing to my palate.

I am only left wondering how much more pleasurable this restaurant could be during the evening hours. At 5 p.m. everyday, apparently white tablecloths come out and candles are lit. While I feel that this cozy little corner is already charming enough during the afternoon, I can only imagine how inviting it could be during the dinner hours. I do believe my only desire left wanting after this visit would be to relive my experience at The Bread Company; only next time I will indulge in an item from the dinner menu and a carefully chosen selection from the extensive wine list.

General Disclaimer: The foods featured in this article are vegan to the best of the author’s knowledge. If you follow the vegan diet strictly, always ask before trying the recommended dishes.

The Bread Company

706 South Goodwin Avenue

Urbana, IL

Opens daily at 11 a.m.

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