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NAYA, a new restaurant on Third & Green, set to open in 2018

The owners of Miga and Sakanaya have announced the opening of a new restaurant on Third and Green Street in Campustown: NAYA.

This the third restaurant by Jin Park here in C-U: Sakayana opened in 2013 on Green Street, and Miga opened in 2014 in Downtown Champaign.

We have the conceptual artwork, as well as some information about the restaurant, which will open sometime this year. NAYA, which will be located in the brand new 212 E. Green St. building, will have Asian Italian-inspired cuisine, with approachable wines and cocktails. It’s an interesting twist on both Asian and Italian focused restaurants, which is exciting.

Per the renderings, there will be 68 seats, give or take, a full (and amazing looking) bar. NAYA will be situated directly on the corner of Third & Green, on the northwest corner of the intersection.

If Sakanaya is any indication, this style of modern restaurant has proved popular in Campustown, as it is constantly full. Their second restaurant, Miga has grown to become one of the best restaurants in around. NAYA seems to sit stylistically and aesthetically between the two. While there’s no word yet about the menu, those are the details we have at this point in time.

The Exterior:

The Bird’s Eye View:

The Interior:

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