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Market Watch: Into Autumn we go

It’s hard to believe we’re just a week short of October 1, into football and soccer season, watching the leaves turn, etc. One would think things would be winding down at Market at the Square, but as readers can see from the produce list below, there’s as much food in evidence now as there was in July — just not the same stuff.

This week’s food:

Several varieties of apples, peaches (final week), sweet corn, fennel, fresh herbs, leeks, onions, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, chard, cabbages (including Napa — our favorite), lettuces and salad mixes, green beans, okra, eggplant, hot & sweet peppers, broccoli, squashes; also, locally-raised meat and eggs, award-winning goat cheese, honey, and much more.


As we get closer to the end of the season, we’d like to suggest something: bring a friend to the Market with you. Heck, bring two! Urbana-Champaign is loaded with Market faithful who’re out every week no matter what the weather (you guys know who you are), but there are also an awful lot of people who’d like to come, but just aren’t in the habit of swinging by and scoping out the scene. Won’t you Market devotees help out your friends and neighbors? Give them a nudge!

Offer your neighbor a ride, or make it a date with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Introduce them to your favorite farmers and encourage them to try something they’ve never tried before.

Take them to your favorite baked goods purveyor/enabler. Help your pal pick out their pumpkin, show them where to get that breakfast sandwich, offer to show them who has the great soap and the wonderfully-smelly bath bombs. You’ll bump into friends and acquaintances as you walk the five rows, and the people-watching is always excellent. So get on out there and bring someone with you, would ya?

This weekend at the Market, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and FACET (Friends Against Children’s Empty Tummies) will be working together to fight child hunger by holding their annual bake sale. Their goal this time is to raise $2000 — look for them at the north end of the Market for the duration.

See you out there!

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