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Market Watch: Holiday Edition

While Urbana’s Market at the Square has officially ended for the season, Market Watch continues with coverage of the Urbana Holiday Market. There are three markets in Urbana. Market at the Square runs from May to November, the Holiday Market runs from for seven weeks from November to December, and the Middle Market runs from January to May. There are so many great opportunities to eat and shop local in Urbana. Come out this weekend and check out what the Holiday Market has to offer. 

The Holiday Market will run from November 7th to December 21st from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. indoors at Lincoln Square Mall. The Urbana Business Association sponsors this great event each of the seven weekends the market runs. The Holiday Market was developed as a continuation of the outdoor market a few years ago and has grown steadily since. While the Holiday Market is a bit smaller than the outdoor Urbana Square Market, it has grown in the last few years to include over seventy vendors selling a wide array of items made or grown locally in Illinois. Many of your favorite outdoor vendors will be moving indoors for the winter, along with the addition of some great holiday specific vendors as well!

Holiday Markets are very popular throughout the world. In Germany, these holiday markets are called Christkindlmarkets. These markets sell all kinds of handmade items and wonderful treats. You can buy a handmade ornaments, seasonal baked goods, and many unique items that are only available from these markets, all the while munching some tasty holiday treats. Holiday markets are great places to meet new friends, have a mulled wine and, unfortunately, freeze your butt off since they are generally held outdoors. Fortunately, in Urbana, we have improved upon the theme with an indoor version. 

This indoor market will feature many gift items such as handmade toys, ornaments, clothing, woodworking, and bath and body items, as well as edible items such as honey, baked goods, and produce. This is truly the place in town to find one of a kind items for your holiday celebrations, as well as great items to decorate your home or wear. I am a bit fan of the indoor part of the market as the season becomes colder, but it is still great to get out on Saturday mornings and support local businesses and craftspeople.

We are so lucky in Urbana to have access year round to locally grown foods.  Although the produce selection might be a little less than the outdoor market, there will also be local meats, eggs, and cheeses. The local food scene in Urbana continues to grow, so don’t miss out!

I am really hoping to see a lot of great items this year for my holiday shopping list. I hope you will join me in investigating what great surprises the Holiday Market will have in store. And be sure to check back for market-related news.


Payments: Similar to the Market at the Square, most vendors accept cash. A few may take personal check or credit cards, but that is less likely. There is an ATM in Lincoln Square mall if you run out of cash.

Parking: Parking is available for free at all the lots surrounding Lincoln Square Mall. 

For more information about the Holiday Market, check out the Urbana Business Association.

C-U at the market!

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