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Look here at Watson’s Shack and Rail menu

Yeah, it’s real, folks. 

After over a year of rumors, speculations, walls being torn down, walls being put up, Mark Hartstein, aka Shades, teasing people on social media, and a lot of anticipation, Watson’s Shack and Rail is opening in just under two weeks. 

I mean, really: they already have almost 2,000 Facebook likes, and they haven’t even opened the damned doors yet? Lots to live up to, but if you know Shades and the way he does food, there’s a good reason for it. 

Anyhow, we tricked them into giving us a look at the menu by holding a few things hostage and the end result is below.

Salivation Central: 

Basically, it’s about everything you want in a menu, if you’ve spent any time at some other joints that it reminds us of, like Parson’s in Chicago or Hattie B’s in Nashville. The folks behind Watson’s have obviously done their research, and are putting their own twist on it by adding a host of sauces from which to choose, a pimiento cheese appetizer, and holy shit… fresh, raw oysters. 


And check out the beer and wine menu as well, for good measure: 

And for those of you that want to read even more about it, here’s the entire press release, with more information about the Grand Opening, and some of the other plans for the joint in the near future: 


OK, we will be tailgating until the 12th. Hope the folks at Hyatt Place don’t think we’re panhandling. 

We’re just really really hungry. 

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