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Just one day ‘til the first Market Thursday

Back for its second season, the Farmer’s Market on Historic North First Street returns Thursday, when it will begin its weekly run from 3 to 7 p.m. The Market is located in the parking lot north of the Champaign Police Department, west of the intersection of Church and First. Here’s a map.

In upcoming weeks there will be exciting events happening in conjunction with the Market. Check out the schedule to see what’s coming up.


Ed Harper

Ed Harper (pictured above) is a busy guy, who up until last year was semi-retired. Ed has a large garden, and decided to sell his excess produce at his local Mahomet Market. He didn’t intend on doing another market, partly because he didn’t think he would have enough produce or that he would do well enough. He hesitated to return after a few slow weeks. at our market. However, over the course of last year’s market, Ed’s ever smiling face and passion in sharing his gardening knowledge helped to make his booth a destination for lots of loyal customers.

Cary Howery

Cary Howery is the definition of a busy farmer, with two farms in production. She is well known for her wide variety of fruit, but she also sells vegetables, as well as plants and annuals. She works hard so patrons can have a great selection of produce, whether it’s peaches from her farm in Southern Illinois or zucchini from her farm just outside Urbana. And she is continuing to expand her selection, with the planting of 100’s of blueberry bushes earlier this Spring. Cary also sells her wide selection of produce at the Market at the Square in Urbana, as well as at the Country Fair Market.

Karin Maher

Another returning vendor who was excited to join this year’s ‘crop’ of vendors was Karin Maher, of Iola Rose. However, unlike Cary and Ed, Karin does not bring produce to the market. Instead Karin’s booth showcases the talents of local craftspeople and artisans. Some of the items include earrings and necklaces, colorful felt barrettes, and onesies with unique images on them. Karin also showcases some of the products by putting them together into various containers as gifts. This may include a ‘girls’ day out’ pot or a ‘mom to be’ basket. Since last year’s market, Karin opened a shop on South Neil Street so patrons can shop on days other than Thursday.


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