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New online ‘Garden Share’ and ‘Knowledge Share’ tools serving C-U

Do you have unused garden space you’re willing to share? Are you a new gardener looking for guidance during your first season?

A new website can connect you to land, advice and local food in Champaign County.

Visit CUFoodMaps to:

1. Share garden space


View Urbana-Champaign Garden Share in a larger map

2. Find or become a Garden Mentor

View Urbana-Champaign Garden Mentors! in a larger map

3. See a map of all direct market farms in Illinois

View Illinois Direct Market Farms and Farmers Markets in a larger map

4. Find a restaurant serving local food

View CU Local Food Restaurants in a larger map

5. Find edible public fruit trees throughout C-U

View Champaign-Urbana Fruit Map in a larger map

All five maps are dynamic wikis. The more the community contributes the better they become. Find the map that is right for you.

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