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I went and got it: Come Get This food truck review

Food trucks have no reason to go out of style; they’re convenient and quick. In COVID times, they’re also one of the safest ways to turn off the oven for a night and grab a bite to eat elsewhere.

I desperately miss eating in a vibrant restaurant setting on a Friday night, but that’s just not possible right now. So the next best thing — and honestly, never a bad idea — is a visit to a local food truck. After a comedy of errors, I was able to track down Come Get This, the feistiest food truck in town.

You probably have seen Come Get This somewhere. With its bright red paint and bitmoji decor, it’s hard to miss. Honestly, I have to chuckle every time I see it. The characterized stickers of owner Jeff Gilchrist donning a chef’s uniform emblazon the sides of the truck, enthusiastically pointing to more stickers of food. I love it because it’s not trying to be pretentious; it’s inviting, even before you get to talk to Jeff himself.

A red food truck adorned with Bitmoji and images of food sits in a parking lot against grass. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

Jeff has always enthusiastically greeted me, cracking jokes at a mile a minute while I have ordered. This man undoubtedly has a passion for what he’s doing, and it’s nothing short of admirable.

I’ve ordered from this truck quite a few times because Jeff’s energy keeps you wanting to come back for more. That — and the seasoned cheese fries. This time I really went for it, ordering all the savory things to take home for another cozy Friday night in: a spicy dog, chicken philly, the Baby BOO-BOO burger, and a horseshoe, all with fries.

Four orders all with fries sit on a table with an overhead photo. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

The spicy dog with fries ($6) comes with mustard, grilled white onions, and grilled jalapeños. What’s great about the hotdogs from Come Get This is that they don’t come soggy or have a boiled texture. I was a little nervous about the condition it would be in by the time I drove from Sidney back to Champaign, but it held up great, unlike some other places in town that I won’t mention. It definitely had a nice little kick to it, both with the jalapeños and the seasoned dog. I actually prefer this one over the classic Chicago dog because I’m not a fan of those. But I’m not from Chicago, so I don’t care what you say!

A close up of french fries and cheesesteak from Come Get This. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

The chicken philly ($7) is easily the absolute best thing on Jeff’s menu. I’ve heard complete strangers rave about it, and they’re right. Covered with cheese, onions, and green bell peppers, this sandwich is perfectly crispy and delicious. I’ve actually had moments where I’ve been craving the chicken philly on any regular day. It might seem sacrilegious to mess with a Philly, but I highly recommend giving this one a try if you’re looking to switch things up a bit. I also like to order this with cheese fries. They’re not covered in dayglo orange goop: it’s real cheese with a sprinkle of magical seasoning on top. Plus, they’re crinkle fries: easily one of the top forms of potato.

A close up of seasoned fries and a burger from Come Get This food truck. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

I’m not sure if Jeff was having a laugh when he named the Baby BOO-BOO burger ($7), but either way, it’s the only burger option on the short but curated menu. The burger comes topped with mustard, ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, and “BOO BOO sauce,” which if you ask me is a homemade Big Mac dupe. Not there’s anything wrong with that at all; it’s a solid burger. The only thing I would change about it is wishing it came with a double patty. And maybe a toasted bun, but that’s me being nitpicky; this offering is a good go-to option.

A horseshoe with lots of seasoned fries from Come Get This food truck. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

By the time I got to the horseshoe ($7), I was so full. I had already had half of everything else (this is a judgment-free zone), so I only had a couple bites of this. You can never go wrong with a horseshoe; it’s a midwestern diner classic because it’s beef, fries, and cheese sauce on grilled toast. If there’s anything truer about us Midwesterners, it’s that we love starchy carbs. None of Jeff’s portions are monstrous, which to me is a plus, even if it’s just because this is a food truck and not a restaurant kitchen.

The beauty of food trucks is being able to try different things at once, and the Come Get This menu embraces that with open arms. It’s affordable, manageable, and delicious comfort food. You want a chicken philly but would also like to try the Chicago-style polish? You go for it.

A photo of Come Get This food truck's menu on a yellow background with black text. Photo by Remington Rock.

Photo by Remington Rock.

I have nothing negative to say about Come Get This, but I do have one qualm: either I’m on a whole other level of technological ineptitude (highly possible), or Come Get This is impossible to find unless word of mouth or luck. Its locations and times are said to be updated on the truck’s Facebook page, but the last such post I saw was from September 22nd.

If you’ve driven down Neil near Springfield this summer, then I’m sure you’ve seen him, but this one particular day I planned this review he was of course not there, which is so my luck. I will spare you from the story of how I found the truck, as it truly was a comedy of errors, but had I been able to find the truck’s location on social media it would have saved me a lot of time and gas. However, I can’t even be mad about it or let it affect this review. It’s worth it to get to joke with the staff and enjoy a unique food truck in town. Check out our other review of Come Get This here.

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