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Hopscotch: Bakery & Market announces expansion, opening Spring 2017

If you read this magazine even a little bit, you’ve probably seen the name Hopscotch come up at some point in time. Big things are in the works for Hopscotch: Cakes & Confections — as they have announced they are opening a brick-and-mortar location soon.

In what was previously occupied by the Dietary Food Store (RIP) — 804 W. John Street, Champaign — for years and years until earlier this year. Kaya Tate starts her next endeavor soon enough. She’s been around C-U (even slugging out some articles for SP!) for a little while now, spending time at the Champaign Market, baking up goods for restaurants, providing everything tasty for the holiday season, and everything else in between out of Hopscotch’s current operation. She currently occupies space at Art Mart, which will continue to exist — so good news for all you Art Mart shoppers. 

There have been an array of recently announced restaurants and expansions on the site of late, so we’re pleased to showcase this one for you all as well.

Here are some photos provided by Hopscotch, showcasing the building (above and below) which now sports a different exterior. Following that is the full press release issued by their camp.

Surely there will be a ton of delicious goods churned out of this spot, having a full bakery at their disposal.

Check out the full press release:

New Location for Hopscotch: Bakery + Market coming soon!

Secures historic location in Champaign near South Side Elementary

Champaign, IL (December 7, 2016) — Hopscotch—owned and operated by Urbana resident Kaya Tate—announced it has agreed to lease a stand-alone proposed-commercial building at 802 W. John St., Champaign, IL 61820 with Wampler Property Management. This will be the new home to Hopscotch: Bakery + Market, expected to open for business Spring 2017.

The building, which is kitty-corner from South Side Elementary School and the Champaign Unit 4 School District’s Mellon Administration Building, is currently being rehabbed to be more energy efficient and handicap accessible by the owner of the property. Design consultant and artist Kelly Hieronymus is leading Hopscotch’s building re-design and logistics efforts with the help of Champaign’s Sunbuilt Homes.

The building was recently discussed at a public forum neighborhood meeting hosted at the Mellon Building, and a paper proposal was sent to the Champaign City Zoning Department to secure a special use commercial zoning permit. Hopscotch expects to receive official verification from the city in January.

Hopscotch has received multiple awards for cakes, desserts and baking in and around Champaign-Urbana since opening in 2014. Most recently, Hopscotch won the “Best Dessert” award from readers of Buzz Magazine, a entertainment weekly published by The Daily Illini, the student newspaper of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Hopscotch is known for using local, high-quality ingredients and unconventional dessert flavors. The Bakery + Market location will feature similar items to the current Art Mart (Cakes + Confections) location, along with new offerings such as coffee and espresso, breakfast pastries, sundries and locally made gifts. Hopscotch plans to stay at their Art Mart location as well, with no major changes to the offerings there.

“This has been a lifelong dream of mine and I feel I’m more than ready for the challenge,” said Tate, 29. “It couldn’t have been done without the support of the Champaign and Urbana communities, including business owners and entrepreneurs, the owners of Art Mart, and my family, friends and beloved, loyal customers. On top of that, Kelly Hieronymus has become a great friend and been instrumental, showing a great passion for putting Hopscotch in a space where we and the neighborhood can thrive.” 

“Originally, I was drawn to Kaya’s desserts and aesthetic but also came to know her as a person and leader – I think the two of us will help take Hopscotch to the next level,” said Hieronymus.

In support of this new brick and mortar endeavor, Hopscotch has opened a fund-raising campaign on, which includes donation levels as affordable as $10. Each price range also includes a corresponding “thank you” gift. See here for more information.

Hopscotch’s social media and digital communications efforts includes an impressive collection of photos and videos of specials, typically daily. Follow Hopscotch on Instagram (@hopscotchcakes), Facebook (/hopscotchcakes) and Twitter (@hopscotchcakes); the Hopscotch website,, is where buyers and others interested in baking can sign up for a Hopscotch newsletter.

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