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Holiday Market Watch 2013: Holiday Spirits Edition

In the second to last market of the season, the Urbana Business Association has worked a little holiday magic to allow for the sale of beer and wine at the market! Sleepy Creek Vineyards will be joining the line-up of 74 vendors this week. Sleepy Creek is a local vineyard from Fairmont, Illinois. Known for a good mix of local varietals, Sleepy Creek is a great addition to the market line-up. I really hope this means that more local breweries and wineries will be able to sell their creations at the market in the future. You can check out SP’s two-part interview and review of the vineyard here and here. If wine is on your holiday gift list, stop by the market to shop local this holiday season. 

This week marks the second-to-last market of the season. If you haven’t already been, this is a great week to stop by—there will be 74 vendors this week! The vendors will have lots of holiday items to choose from for everyone one your list.  Last Saturday, I saw lots of bath and body items that smelled heavenly. Turns out that the fragrance that I liked from the soap vendor was already sold out, so if you want a particular scent you might want to arrive early. I also saw a lot really pretty handmade jewelry. There are several vendors selling hand knitted and loomed items as well. I didn’t find a pair of mittens that I liked, so the great mitten hunt of 2013 continues.

One of the really great features of the market is that a lot of the items are one of a kind and come from local artisans. This means that they might not always have the color or shape that you planned, but it also means that you might find something awesome you didn’t know you needed—like an awesome turquoise felted owl. I really appreciate that the Urbana Business Association has chosen to encourage people to shop local and that the Holiday Market provides a great place to do so.

Did you get a doughnut last week from Pandamonium Doughnuts? I really like their gluten-free options. I first tried them early in the summer, and I think their doughnut formulations have gotten even better as the seasons have changed. There are a lot of other vendors who also have cookies, candy, spiced nuts, and many other holiday treats in case you are looking for those types of items. 

Also, don’t forget that the Holiday Market is also chock full of local produce. Last week, I bought some very nice kale, along with some local honey and fresh bread. The produce selection is a bit less bountiful than the outdoor summer market, but there is still a lot on offer. I saw apples last week, so if you are looking for some great baked goods ideas, the market can be a great place for inspiration.

Finally, one of my very favorite things about the Market is watching all the kids shopping for their families. Last week, I saw two little boys who were shopping with their Dad for holiday gifts. They seemed to be having a great time enjoying the market together. Even if you aren’t holiday shopping, or already finished up your list, come on out to the market to get a little more into the holiday spirit, or you can stop by Sleepy Creek Vineyards stand while you are there take some spirit(s) home with you!

C-U at the Market!


Payment: Most vendors accept cash. A few may take personal check or credit cards, but that is less likely. There is an ATM in Lincoln Square mall in case you run short of cash.

Parking: Parking is available for free in all the lots surrounding Lincoln Square Mall.

Hours: The Holiday Market is located in Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana. It’s open Saturdays through December 21st, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information about the Holiday Market, check out the Urbana Business Association website.

All photos from the Holiday Market’s Facebook page

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