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Dandy Pig now open

Walking into the new Dandy Pig, any seasoned Blind Pig patron will feel right at home. It keeps with the style of the other two pubs in that it is dimly lit, built of dark wood, and has a bar and tables at which to sit. Speaking of seating, I would estimate there to be 5-6 tables that could sit 3-4 at each table, plus a bar that could seat 8-10 patrons. I believe I saw max occupancy to be 107 people. I spoke with Kaleb Wachala, a Blind Pig frequenter who commented, “now trivia will be less crowded,” which is a great observation. You should also know that the entrance is accessible by wheelchair which is much appreciated. 

After speaking with Chris Knight I learned that the Dandy Pig is not finished but is operational. He says there is still more to do but he wanted to get the doors open. Knight says, “it is a relief to open,” commenting on how much time he and the crew have spent on this project.

The Dandy Pig layout is interesting in that it actually connects to the Piglet’s east end hallway. It feels more intimate than the other pigs being that it is on the corner of our little downtown foot path. There are windows on the north wall that peer out into the Cowboy Monkey courtyard and those passing by. Sporting two entrances one on the north and a double door on the east side it feels more open to air and I think this summer it is going to be very inviting to those walking by, even more so than the other Pigs.

The Dandy is not quite finished. It still needs quirky little details like the cards on the ceiling, taps for decorations, and the flyers under the glass tables. I am not sure if they will continue with those Blind Pig traditions or go a different direction. Whatever Knight and his team decide to do, they are off to a great start.

Aside from looking around the new Dandy, I looked around at what was happening outside yesterday. It was a party, and a good one at that. I hope that this is a sign of the good times to be had this summer. 

Arrogant Bastard was there raffling off two rare beers. All of the ticket sales go to funding a rock camp for kids called First Gig. 

Below, one of the rare beers.

Below, one of the rare beers.

Below, the t-shirts for sale.

Photos by Sam Logan. 

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