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Dancing Dog adds new menu item

After polling its regular and loyal customer base about new menu items, vegan restaurant The Dancing Dog Juicery & Eatery is adding something new. “We’re always trying to spice things up around here, and we really wanted the input of the community,” one of the cooks said. “I mean, we were kind of surprised that they asked for it, but ask and you shall receive, we say here at DD.”

That new addition? Bacon. “I just feel like bacon really rounds out the flavors in a dish,” one anonymous customer stated. “It’s not really meat, anyway; it’s bacon.” Indeed. “I know, like, so many vegans and stuff that really like bacon and whatnot,” one young man proclaimed. “It’s just, like, really good. You know?”

Oh, I know. You can find bacon on your salad, in your chocolate, next to your eggs, on your sandwiches, and even in your ice cream.  “It’s just everywhere — there’s no escaping it, and we care about our customers enough that we want to give them what they want,” owner Brian Behrens stated. “Plus it will probably entice some meat-eaters to come in and have a meal.”

In terms of menu items, look out for the BLT on gluten-free bread, the bacon-n-beans served over freekeh, and the bacon and tofu morning scramble. Additional menu items are currently being developed.

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