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Cold pressed lattes and breakfast sandwiches are legit at Cafe Kopi

Cafe Kopi has been a staple of Downtown Champaign since 1993. The quaint little coffee shop on Walnut Street is decked out with mismatched tables and chairs, lush houseplants, and local art. It’s an ideal location to camp out if the four walls of your home office have become too stifling or if you’re looking for a quiet place to study.

Kopi has a user-friendly online ordering platform through Square with the option for curbside pick up, local delivery, or contactless pick up in the cafe. I placed an order on a Sunday afternoon and decided to give Cafe Kopi’s breakfast a try. 

An overhead photo of the author's Cafe Kopi order. On a green plate on the top left, there is a bagel sandwich opened revealing a mixed greens topping. Beside it on the top right, there is an open cup of a latte. Below it on a green plate, there is a diagonally cut sandwich with a small side cup of a dark liquid. Beside it on the bottom left, there is an iced coffee drink. Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Photo by Mia Hanneken.

I ordered a couple breakfast sandwiches paired with some of their famous lattes for pick up. I took them home and started sampling everything.

A bagel egg and cheese sandwich sits on a green plate on a wooden table. Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Photo by Mia Hanneken.

First up, I tried the awakening breakfast sandwich ($5.95). A classic bagel and egg sandwich, it also had a smattering of goat cheese, spinach, tomato, and onion. It’s always a gamble ordering any kind of egg for takeout, but I was pleasantly surprised that the egg patty wasn’t rubbery even after re-heating. The onion gave the sandwich a bite, the spinach some freshness, and any bit with the goat cheese was a delight.

A Bluesy French Toast sandwich from Cafe Kopi sits sliced diagonally on a green plate with a cup of syrup. Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Photo by Mia Hanneken.

If sweet dishes are more your thing, I recommend my second sandwich: the Bluesy French toast panini ($5.95). This little beauty has banana slices, blueberries, and walnut honey cream cheese stuffed between two pieces of grilled french toast. As if that doesn’t sound delicious enough, it’s served with a side of maple syrup for dipping or drizzling. The panini was a mouthful of ooey goodness, the perfect choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.

A paper coffee cup with a paper sleeve with Cafe Kopi's name and logo on it hold a hot latte with a white foamy top. Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Moving to the lattes, I tried the fireside tea latte ($4.25). Made with smoked tea, honey, vanilla, and your choice of milk, the latte had a strong smoke smell but a dominant sweet taste. It was tasty and interesting to be sure and would be a good match for any lovers of smoky porter beers.

A plastic cup filled with a cold pressed latte from Cafe Kopi sits on the author's table amongst other breakfast items. Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Photo by Mia Hanneken.

Finally, I tried the horchata cold pressed latte ($4.65), the definite star of this experience. This delightful oat milk iced latte gives you a jolt of espresso with the warming spice of cinnamon. Even when it’s still chilly outside, a cold pressed latte is the way to go. Kopi also offers pumpkin spice and vegan “egg nog” flavors. A true treat for any season, I think.

I’m convinced that there is no wrong choice at Cafe Kopi. Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up, Kopi is waiting with exactly what you need. After this recent visit, I was reminded that you just can’t go wrong with anything on the Kopi menu.

Read our interview with Cafe Kopi’s general manager here.

Cafe Kopi
109 N Walnut
7 a.m. to 5 p.m., daily

Top image by Mia Hanneken.

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