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Check out the Come Get This food truck

Looking for a quick and tasty option during a good time out? Consider the Come Get This food truck. Specializing in cheesesteaks, horseshoes (for those not from Springfield, IL: toasted bread topped with meat, fries, and cheese sauce), and Polish sausages of all kinds, CGTFT is a real contender in C-U’s food truck game.

I stumbled across the truck one weekend afternoon at Riggs. If it’s there, you’ll know; with a big red truck with the owner/chef’s portrait painted on the side, it’s hard to miss! The menu is centered around your favorite regional handhelds — perfect for a quick lunch or a snack at a beer garden or downtown pub.

If you are not sure what to order, ask for a suggestion. The owner is very friendly and eager to make sure you get the best meal possible. I asked for the best-seller and he directed me to the Philly cheesesteak. CGTFT offers traditional beef, chicken, and BBQ versions. It was late in the day, and the truck was out of the traditional beef, so I went with the chicken option. Not knowing what to expect, overall, I was impressed. The chicken was flaked and grilled so it was super flavorful and slightly crispy. They were not shy with the protein either, as the sandwich was loaded with chicken. The toasted hoagie bun was topped with grilled onions and lots of oozy, melty, white cheese. The sandwich, including a fair portion of warm, ballpark-style, crinkle-cut fries, will run you $8 including tax. The truck takes cash and card.

I asked what would be the second choice, and was directed to the Chicago-style hotdog.  Given their proudly displaced certificate from Hot Dog University, I took their word on it. I’m glad I did. Come Get This did the city proud. Crispy fried, all beef frank? Check. Poppy seed bun? Check. HIghlighter green relish? Check. Yellow mustard? Check. Spicy peppers? You bet. Fresh tomato and raw onion? The perfect amount. Your dressed-up dog comes with fries for a mere $6.

If you are in a burger mood, I hear they have a good on in the baby boo boo burger. It is a fully loaded hamburger with “boo boo sauce”. Good luck getting a clear answer on what boo boo sauce is exactly, as the sauce is a mayo-based secret. If you are not a meat eater, you could get this tasty meal as a veggie burger instead.

If you get an opportunity to try Come Get This Food Truck, don’t miss it!

Come Get This Food Truck
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Photos by Madeline Trimble

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