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Bombay offers up an array of nice vegan options

First and foremost, vegan cuisine requires flavor. Bland food is never satisfying, but it’s even more essential when eating vegan. Indian food is able to captivate the senses precisely because it provides both a variety of flavor, as well as an abundance of alluring smells. I don’t know that it is possible to pack more character into a meal. Whether ginger, garlic, or its decoration of coriander, there is certain to be a taste to appease your senses in every single bite.

The first time I ate at Bombay (on Green St.) was with a friend from India two years ago. We happened to go during the evening hours and the place held a slightly different sort of atmosphere. While the lunch hours provide you with an — order, pay and eat  — dynamic, the evening hours allow you to sit down, order from a server, and relax at your leisure. The establishment itself is not considerably spacious, so I would not recommend dining there with a larger group. However, for an intimate dinner for two the evening hours are perfectly accommodating.

I returned to Bombay for lunch in regards to this article. My choice was the Vegetable Jalfrezi. Perhaps, this dish is so gratifying to me because it includes items that I love individually, but I believe it would be appealing regardless of my personal bias. The vegetables include green bell pepper, cauliflower, green beans, onions, and carrots (possibly more, but I was pleasantly distracted). The ginger-garlic combination is exceptional, but the sauce is what pulls the dish together into perfection. The portion size is generous with copious amounts of basmati rice. There is most definitely potential for leftovers later.

It took me much too long to return to Bombay for savory and fulfilling Indian food. Both experiences there were equally adept, and I would recommend this establishment without an ounce of doubt to anyone that wishes to take part in an incredibly well-blended and flavor-filled meal.

General Disclaimer: The foods featured in this article are vegan to the best of the author’s knowledge. If you follow the vegan diet strictly, always ask before trying the recommended dishes.

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