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A fast review of Drew’s Pizzeria

I’ve spent most of the day reading comments about this whole Drew’s Pizzeria debacle that we posted earlier in the day. Quite honestly, I was pretty sickened by the idea that a local pizza joint would stoop to this level for a marketing ploy in order to sell their slices. It’s exploitative and egregious, and I have a wife, a mother, a sister, and countless best pals who are women that can’t and won’t stand for this sort of bullshit.

I’m with them. Lots of people are.

But I also recognize that there is something to be said for an open business market.

Assuming that what Drew’s was doing was not illegal, I believe that personal responsibility is a large factor in determining who we are and how we are perceived.

No one is being forced to take their shirts off in exchange for pizza, yet, is it OK for anyone to even consider blaming the victim here? As awful and exploitative that it is, my friend Darwin brought up some interesting points in the comments below the initial article, as did former editor Lindsey Gates-Markel, along with a host of others.

It’s an interesting quandary.

Read them, and if you have an opinion, chime in. That’s what it’s there for.

But beyond that, I am not a big fan of tearing apart local businesses, even when they are awful to women or serve awful food or the owner hunts big game as sport. It’s not as though we haven’t been guilty of that sort of thing in the past, but ultimately, if you look back, our reviews are mainly positive, and most of the time, absolutely glowing.

See here, if you don’t believe me.

After all, this is someone’s livelihood, and that matters for a lot in my estimation.

So I was thinkin’: I’ve never even tried Drew’s Pizzeria, and damned if I am able to form an opinion about them without even trying their product.

As such, we ordered a large pepperoni pizza to Smile Politely HQ at roughly 5:45 p.m. this evening. In full disclosure, I really, really love pepperoni pizza. As you can see below, I could stand to take off a few, eh? Part of that is because over the weekend, I banged some wangs right after eating pepperoni pizza from Jet’s, which is really damned good. So is Jupiter’s. And Old Orchard. And Esquire, even. Oh, and Papa Del’s is the greatest pizza on earth.

I’ve been all over the nation, from NYC to California, eating pizza. I was in a touring band. So, I am no slouch. I know good pizza.

And this is how it went down:

Sorry fellas, but if you are going to pull that henhouse shit for a marketing scheme, you better serve something better than the shit that just passed through my gullet. This pizza isn’t just disgusting, it’s inedible.

Up your game.

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