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You’ve got to see this guy’s house

A friend of mine said “you have to see what this guy is doing” — so I went and saw. And I’ll tell you, now you have to see what this guy is doing. Chuck Duckworth is his name, and renovating sweet old buildings into living spaces seems to be his game. He’s taking this old grocery store and building his (for now) dream home. I say that because Duckworth first renovated a church into a beautiful home previously, but decided to move on because he wanted something new.

Take a look at the pictures but also see the video. It starts slow, but like any good castle, it gets better the further up the staircase you climb. 

First floor
Guest room
Original tin ceiling
Kitchen and main entertainment room
Microwave built into the brick
Stove. “I do a lot of entertaining” he said.
Master Bedroom. “I always wanted a huge master bedroom” Duckworth said.
Outside of the window: a vintage neon sign. 
Master bathroom.
From the front. 
Duckworth said he would invite me back as he makes updates. So, I’ll keep you posted on this sweet project. 
The building is located at 114 N Kentucky Ave, Rantoul, IL 61866.

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