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Year of the Park, A to Z: Millage Park, Champaign

As Year of the Park continues, we will be documenting every park in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy, Champaign County Forest Preserves, along with other odds and ends between July 2020 and more like August or September 2021. You can see what has been covered thus far by clicking here. If you have suggestions or ideas or feedback, feel free to contact us at


Millage Park 


2802 Cherry Creek Rd, Champaign

a playground at millage park

Photo by Maddie Rice. 


Millage Park, opened in 1991, is a neighborhood park just two blocks east of Hallbeck Park in west Champaign. It has a playground, a small shelter, and some grass to play around in. At 2.5 acres, you can probably get a game of 7 on 7 together. But that’s all that is here, really. 

a grass field with trees at millage park

Photo by Maddie Rice. 


Why are there two parks within two blocks of each other here? I don’t know but Josef Hallbeck donated the land as part of this tract of development. That’s good! Land donation is always a good thing. But I am not sure this particular neighborhood needs two parks within a few hundred yards when so many others don’t even have one park. But again, c’est la vie!


Top image by Maddie Rice. 

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