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Weekender: July 13-15

Friday, July 13th

Have a picnic, your favorite park, all weekend, cheap-ish (but prices vary)

Did you read our latest Date Night? In it, Bobbie grabs some sandwiches, fancy cheese, and some fruit and picnics at the park. Even though it will be around 90 this weekend, the humidity will be low. Grab your favorite food (Maize, Cheese & Crackers, whatever you like) and head to the park at twilight — it will be cooler, and you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. (JH) Photo by Bobbie Bonebrake

Search for bats in Busey Woods, Anita Purves Nature Center, 7:30 p.m., $9 resident/$14 non-resident

Maybe you’d like to tack on a fear-inducing activity before or after that lovely picnic. It is Friday the 13th after all. Though according to Anita Purves Nature Center, bats are a misunderstood species. So don’t be afraid, and sign up to learn all about bats then head out into the woods to find some. Spaces are limited, so pre-register for the event. It’s appropriate for ages 6 and up, and kids under 15 should be accompanied by a registered adult. (JM) Photo from Facebook

Saturday, July 14th

Eat some breakfast, Sam’s or Sammy’s, until about 11 a.m., prices vary

I’ve been thinking about our two-part French Toast series (one and two); I think I’ll need to get some breakfast this weekend. Brunch is all good and fine, but I’m more interested in a 2/2/2 situation (two eggs, meat, pancake or french toast). Both Sam’s and Sammy’s are great, and affordable enough that you can get a little taste of everything. (JH) Photo by Jessica Hammie

Art at the Market featuring a Papel Picado Workshop and Jean René Balekita, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., free

You have probably seen Papel Picado before, but have you ever considered how it is made, the delicate nature of the material, or the process and tradition that both inspires and constitutes how and why people still make this Mexican folk art craft today? This weekend is your chance to ask these questions and look closer. Additionally, you can experience the sounds of Congolese rumba, traditional hymns, African hymns, gospel, and jazz. This weekend the Urbana Public Arts Program, La Casa Cultural Latina, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi are coming together and invite you to participate in learning about and engaging with Papel Picado and the music of Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi. (AB)

Midwest Beer Fest, Cowboy Monkey, Downtown Champaign, 4 p.m. to midnight, free entry, beer tickets $1 each

The 3rd Annual Midwest Beer Fest will take place in the PNC/Cowboy Monkey parking lot. It’s a kid-friendly event. Dave’s Dogs will be on site, and Cowboy Monkey’s menu is available. A whole bunch of Illinois-based breweries will be serving up taste and full portions of craft brews. Read up on last year’s event here. (JH) 

Take a flower farm tour, Delight Flower Farm, 5 to 7 p.m., $20

Begin your Saturday evening activities with a stroll through the flower field of Delight Flower Farm. You’ll learn all sorts of important info about the ins and outs of the work that happens on this unique cut flower farm north of Urbana. Space is limited so reserve your spot here. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the tour. (JM) Photo from Facebook

Lime Forest, Classic Bang, Standby, Parachute Day, Exile on Main Street, 6 p.m., free

This is a free show worth paying attention to on Saturday, and a reason to get into Exile on Main as well. It has been a minute since Lime Forest bounced from the local scene due to moving to Chicago, but they’re back for a free show on Sunday at Exile. The psych outfit has been working on a new record, and this four band bill also features B-N math rock outfit Parachute Day. (PS)

Staghorn, Meth., Pains, xPOPPYxROSEx, Ghost Planet, $7, 7:30 p.m.

As I made mention in this month’s installment of Seven Things, Staghorn just released their new record Wormwood IIIand this will be their last local show until the fall. So listen to that new record and head over to Ghost Planet this weekend. xPOPPYxROSEx are also local, a thrash project you can check out here. (PS)

Sunday, July 15th

Pens to Lens, Normal Theatre, 1 p.m., free

The Champaign Urbana Film Society’s Pens to Lens program will present the 2017 festival winners at the Normal Theatre this weekend. Normal is a short jaunt from the C-U, but if you are planning on attending the Sugar Creek Arts Festival or are feeling like a Sunday drive, then I recommend stopping by, checking out, and supporting the young screenwriters who have worked with C-U filmmakers to creative envision and put their ideas to the big screen. (AB) 

Watch the World Cup final, various places, 10 a.m., free (unless you’re at a food/drink establishment. Don’t be a jerk. Order something)

I put this in the Weekender before, but that was a month ago when all of this was just beginning. Sunday is the final between France and Croatia, and whether you’re a hard core soccer fan or not (I happen to have a couple of them in my house), it’s a pretty exciting event to watch with a whole bunch of people. Many games have been close, going to overtime and even PKs, and this one should be no exception. As I’ve posted before, the Illini Union has been showing every game on the big screen to huge crowds. Get there early to get a seat…they’ve had to go to overflow rooms. The Bread Company has also been showing all of the games. And since it’s the final, I’m guessing most places in town that regularly show sporting events on their televisions will have this one. (JM) Photo from Facebook

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