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Weekender: April 3-5

Well Smile Politely readers, times are strange. Ordinarily, we’d be using this space to encourage you to get out and enjoy all the C-U has to offer. That has become a difficult task. It’s important to maintain some sort of routine, some sort of normalcy in an abnormal situation, so we are going to continue publishing The Weekender. It’ll look different. We will have to put our collective creativity to the test, but hopefully it will be a weekly reminder of ways that you can make the best of these times, and stay connected with this amazing community we call home.

— The Editors

A selection of cookbooks on a white wood shelf. The cookbooks are stacked vertically. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Make a meal plan using your cookbooks, your house, all weekend, free

There is no reason you should be going to the store more than once a week — if you can, you should shop so that you revisit the store every other week. Take an inventory of your freezer, your panty, your fridge. Check out the website SuperCook, where you can search for recipes by ingredients. Also dig out those old cookbooks you never use; find some inspiration therein. Make your list, be intentional with it and with your shopping. (JH)

Make your own art party with a Krannert Art Museum coloring page, your house, all weekend, free

While you may not be able to enjoy KAM in person right now, you can download a coloring activity page inspired by some of your favorite pieces in the collection. Enjoy as a family activity or by yourself. (DD)

Several paper bags with receipts attached are lined up along a wooden table with chairs pushed in. Photo by Common Ground Food Co-op Facebook page.

Photo from Common Ground Food Co-op Facebook page.

Call in your grocery order, Common Ground Food Co-op, Sunday 8 a.m. to noon, prices vary

Common Ground Food Co-op is offering call-in orders. On Sunday, call 217-352-3347 between 8 a.m. and noon, then come by for curbside pickup between 1 and 5 p.m. on the same day. It couldn’t get easier than that! Social distancing, and you can wear your pajamas for pickup since you don’t have to leave your car. Be sure to order a take-and-bake pizza with your groceries. Sunday dinner is looking like a piece of cake. Literally, you should add Common Ground’s in-house bakery’s cake to your order. (AB)

Drag queen Sasha Velour is represented three times in three different spotlights. The Sasha in the center is wearing a white blouse and leopard print jumpsuit. The Sashas on the left and right are wearing black tuxedos with white vests. She has a bright blue wig. Photo by Jeff Eason.

Sasha Velour’s performance at Krannert Center. Photo by Jeff Eason.

Have a dance party, your living room, your bedroom, your kitchen, or even your driveway, all weekend, free

Spurlock Museum recently shared the Spotify playlist they use for the In Her Closet  How to Make a Drag Queen exhibit. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so open those windows for optimum music blasting, or perhaps even bless your neighbors with a driveway dance party. Deep down, they will thank you. You should also take some time to watch the drag performance videos linked on their website, all from performers featured in the exhibit. (JM)

Do some yard work, all weekend, your house, free

Even though yard waste pick up has been suspended, you probably still need to do some yard work. The grass is starting to grow in, there are leaves and pine needles and all sorts of other things that need to be mulched or raked or otherwise maintained. If nothing else, it’s something to do. Maybe plan out your summer garden while you’re at it. (JH)

Three circular plastic containers of chevre cheese sit on a wooden cutting board. The label has a goat stirring a bowl next to the text of

Photo from Prairie Fruit Farms and Creamery Facebook Page.

Get a trio of fresh chèvres, Prairie Fruit Farms and Creamery online store, anytime, $24

If you haven’t checked out Prairie Fruit Farms and Creamery’s online store yet, you should. The trio includes PFFC’s fresh goat cheeses in three flavors: Original, Herbs de Provence, and Cracked Black Peppercorn. I know you have crackers in the pantry, but do you have fresh local cheese? Get some now. (AB)

Two exercise mats, one blue and one beige, are rolled up and sitting on a wood floor. There is a dumbbell with a chrome handle and black weights sitting on it. A person's feet in black tennis shoes are standing next to the mat. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Photo by Jessica Hammie.

Exercise, your house or a nearby park, or outside, all weekend, free

Do not misunderstand me here: I’m not saying go on some crazy exercise kick like these obnoxious people on the internet. If you can, make a point to move your body for a few minutes this weekend. It’ll feel good to do so. Do a little stretching, or go for a walk, or find an intense cardio something or other on the web. Your body, your pace. Do something that feels good to you. (JH)

Vote in our Icons of C-U March Madness Tournament Final Four, your house, all weekend, free

We’ve reached the Final Four of this very important tournament, which highlights all of those things that make C-U a special place. We are down to the best of the best, according to all of you: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Alma Mater, The Quad (a 16-seed Cinderella story), and Urbana’s Market at the Square. To be honest, it’s rather shocking that you readers did not leave a single restaurant or food item standing. Get your votes in by Sunday as we gear up for the championship. (JM)
Image: Photo of recording studio sound boards and keyboards with the words

Image from ESS website.

Check out The Quarantine Concerts, your house, all weekend, $5 donation

Experimental Sound Studio (ESS), a Chicago-based nonprofit organization, has launched this online option to “provide artists with a space to share their work and continue to earn a living” at a time when most live performances have been canceled. It’s a great way to support Illinois musicians and check out something new. And if you make music, this platform might help you get your music out in the world while you’re stuck at home. (DD)

Top images, left to right: Alma Mater by Steven Pratten, Krannert Center by Patrick Singer, U of I Quad by Anna Longworth, Market at the Square by Jess Hammie.

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