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Virtual tour of Parkland College’s new Student Union

I attended Parkland for some general studies, my certified nursing assistant coursework, and my licensed practicle nurse coursework. A total about about three years. I have found memories of Parkland, however, the building needed a bit of updating. The interior design of the new building retains the Parkland style but is definitely upgraded. You’ll see familiar colors, exposed brick, and bare wood. You’ll also see some of the areas of the old Parkland have been transplated and expanded in this new space. It looks really great. Enjoy the tour.

Check out this video virtual tour I created:

Parkland’s “front door” can be found on the south-east side of campus.

The natural light and tall ceilings are great. 

Some where calling this the “fish bowl.” It is a study lounge for students.

Comfortable enough to take a quick snooze. The “front door” area isn’t cold, which I would expect it to be as people wait here for their buses and the are in and out. 

Keepin’ it green — go Cobras. 

If we keep wakling, we find the bookstore. There is more room then the previous space. 

Further down the lane are some sitting areas. 

A bit further down, you’ll find the cafeteria which has had a major upgrade. It wasn’t functioning when I came by. 

Looking to the left off of the main hallway is this large sitting area for people to eat, study, and socialize. The wood ceiling makes me think of Krannert Center — and that is a good thing, of course. 

Another out-cove with colorful seating.

The new building has three levels. The middle is similar to an atrium so you can see all levels at once. It makes it feel very open and large. 

On the 2nd and 3rd levels are adminstrative offices, student group offices, and more study coves and computer stations. 

Overall, I think the upgrade is a great addition to the campus. I like the open air feel of the three levels. I also like that there is one pathway on the main level. It makes it feel promenade. The colors are great, as well as the wood, lighting, and exposed brick. I appreciate the Parkland green theme sticking around too.

As I review these photos, though, I notice a lack of technology in the space. I would have liked to have seen more computer stations. Perhaps stations where you can stand and work. I also would have liked to have seen charging stations in lounge areas for devices. I personally appreciate these as well as others I am sure.

Like I said, awesome upgrade, and I am sure it makes for a more pleasent experience attending Parkland. 

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