Smile Politely

The Weekender: August 7 – 9


Orchestrate the viper: Of all the band reunions that take place in Champaign-Urbana on an annual basis, few ever really hold much meaning. The generally range from the “not meaningful” (Lorenzo Goetz reformed to “reunite” just a year after calling it quits) to “not very meaningful” (HUM has reunited 12 times in the name of charity… and beer) to “kind of meaningful” (Don Gerard playing bass is still kind of sexy, and you know it). But for lots of folks out there, this one — The Viper and his Famous Orchestra — is not just meaningful, it’s downright special. They perform tonight at Mike N Molly’s in the outdoor beer garden at 8 p.m. Read more about it here.

Dining on a certain block of Kirby Ave: OK. Here’s the plan: what say we start out by splitting a famous Seaboat sandwich at the Seaboat restaurant, and skip the mac n’ cheese in favor of some greens. Don’t fill up too much, because next, we’re walking due east about 31 steps and picking up a slice or NYC-style ‘za from Vinny’s. Maybe we’ll share a specialty slice as well, while we ponder our next move. It’s an obvious one: due east another 49 steps to the best custard this side of the Vermillion/Champaign county line. In our book, that sounds like a great night out exploring some of Champaign’s oldest and newest in one shot.


Howdy pardners: Ready for a bike rodeo? C-U Safe Routes to School will be at the Urbana Market at the Square with hands-on bicycle circuit skills stations, helmet fitting (with cheep helmets) and some bicycle and pedestrian safety information. Help your kids (or yourself) learn to stay safe on foot or on two wheels.

Like the sound of your own voice?: The Independent Media Center is hosting Saturday Skillshares all through August, and this week it’s Basic Audio Recording, presented by Ron Cannon of Kalpa Recording Service. “Come and learn the basic principles of recording sound. Ron will go through the characteristics of different microphone types, mic placement and other techniques that will help make better recordings.” See the full schedule here.


It’s more than ironically fun: A small group of us made it out to the Eagle’s Lodge on Edgebrook Drive last Sunday for their weekly game of Bingo, and we gotta say, it was fucking awesome. The tension, the Shasta soda, the fact that the lady kept yelling “M” instead of “N”… all of it. And what’s more, it’s worth money. Straight cash, homies. Each game the take is $50, and some of the bonus games get up to $100. Plus, the finale jackpot is worth up to $500. No matter who you are, you will like Bingo. Why? It’s too simple and to tense to feel any differently. We’ll see you there.


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