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The More Bikes the Merrier

If you see an excess of streamers, painted bodies, tall bicycles or decorated floats tomorrow at West Side Park, you’ve stumbled upon the genius of OPENSOURCE’S “Biking the Boneyard Arts Festival.” This parade is yet another fun-filled event during the Boneyard Arts Festival and OPENSOURCE invites everyone and anyone to make themselves and their bikes into moving pieces of artwork and travel though Champaign-Urbana. OPENSOURCE also encourages all artists, activists, poets and writers to bring their distributable work to pass out to the Boneyard crowd.

Those interested in the art spectacle are asked to meet at the fountain, tomorrow April 18 at West Side Park on 300 W. University Ave. in Champaign at 4:30 p.m. for last minute decorating and organization details and then at 6 p.m., everyone will take to the streets of C-U with leaders in front navigating a route of the Boneyard venues. And, of course, OPENSOURCE will end the event at 7:30 p.m. with an awards ceremony for the bikes with the most creative decor.

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