Smile Politely

Thanks Big Noodler

Despite all expectation, Mike Tisdale will finish his career at Illinois as … hold your breath … a bit of a banger.


Still barely 21 years-old, Mike has developed an inside game that keeps him relevant in the pivot. Add that to his polished perimeter skills, and it’s pretty safe to say that he’ll soon be one of the wealthiest catfish wranglers in Sangamon County.

It might seem like an odd remark, but playing professionally should be easier for Tisdale. It’s unlikely that any general manager will put him on the floor without an enforcer to do the dirty work. Apart from Chester Frazier, Tisdale’s had no menacing counterpart to cover his flank. If he’d played with Big George Montgomery, Robert Archibald or even Sergio McClain … oh, but what’s the point.

Mike doesn’t have any regrets. Who am I to impose “coulda been” at his final curtain call?

Thanks, Mike. We’ll be watching for you. I know you’ll do us proud.


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