Smile Politely

Thank you, Meechi

Demetri McCamey earned no dearth of media coverage over the last five or six years. He holds the privilege, and carries the burden, of the highest public profile among his Illini teammates.

He bears it with tremendous dignity and aplomb while allowing, quietly and with no public complaint, his frequent emasculation at the hand of his own coach. He simultaneously strives to control and lead a group of mild-mannered good guys to exert themselves.

That’s not news.

But despite all the coverage, there’s still something you might not know about him. It took me a while to figure this out, too. Meechi is a lot smarter than you may realize.

It’s hard to reckon because he’s so guarded with the media. That’s different from being unapproachable. The professional persona is Demetri McCamey. He’s agreeable, but he’s not Meechi.

Meechi comes out when there aren’t any cameras nearby. But if you work at it long enough, you can see the real Meechi via his Penumbra Effect. A roll of the eyes, a knowing nod, his effect on teammates.

Carrying an entire team on his back for three and a half years, it’s hard for McCamey to find any time for Meechi. Despite that sacrifice, he’ll still get blamed for something. “There’s no doubt.”

Thanks Meechi. I feel your pain.

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