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Spin the Record and Perhaps, the Bottle

Now in it’s fifth year, UC Hip-Hop Congress proudly hosts the 2008 date auction, Spin the Record, in all of it’s break-beat glory tonight at the Courtyard Cafe. The fine men and women of the local club take to the stage to sell themselves to affections, lusts, and most of all, to win support and funds for Hip-Hop Awareness Week 2008. The week encompasses a variety of events that celebrate hip-hop as a culture and increase awareness of issues and elements within the culture.

But for tonight, at the auction, you’ll never know what you’ll see for the talent portion. In past years performances have included stripping (partially clothed, of course), Chinese yo-yo demonstrations, breakdancing, singing, and rapping. Above all else, it’s for a good cause.

Head down to the Courtyard Cafe at 7 p.m. and place a bid on local b-boys, b-girls, DJs and MCs of your choice. The event is free and all proceeds go to UC’s Hip-Hop Awareness Week, scheduled for April 3-6.

Thank you Edward Moses.

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