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SP Radio Podcast: Jane Addams Book Shop

Download and listen to this week’s podcast here.

We interview Don Elmore from Jane Addams Book Shop. While Don has co-owned the store since 2009, it has been a local institution in Champaign for 27 years. Topics covered include:

  • The history of the store, why Don and his wife decided to buy the place, and how things have changed since they’ve taken over
  • Selling to book lovers in the world of Kindles and Amazon
  • What type of books the store features and what topics they specialize in
  • The Champaign/Urbana literary scene
  • Much more

This will be the last edition of SP Radio hosted by William and Cristy (at least for a little while), so the editors would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all of their great work helping to get this show off the ground over the last twelve months.

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