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SP Radio Podcast: Words in the Wind V

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your favorite childhood books performed by some of C-U’s best actors and musicians? On this edition of SP Radio, we are joined by Tom Mitchell, Associate Head of the Department of Theater at the University of Illinois and Molly Dellaney, Educational Outreach Director for Illinois Public Media. 

[[mp3 words_in_the_wind_sp_radio]]

They are the creators of Words in the Wind, which takes place on November 14 and 19. Words in the Wind involves actors creating adventures from children’s book. We’ll talk about how the event came about, how Tom chooses books each year and what we might expect from this year’s performance. Proceeds from this benefit support the Book Mentor Project, and we touch on what that is as well.

This year’s performers include Kent Conrad, Gary Ambler, Barbara Evans, Cara Maurizi, Christine Sevec-Johnson, Mindy Manolakes, Cameron Cornell, Angela Marcum, David Butler and Kay Holley. Three volunteers in the Book Mentor Project, Barbara Ridenour, Jessica Holmes and Joe Murphy, will present “Caps for Sale” by Esphyr Slobodkina.

Also, musician Zach Vinson stops by the studio to play a tune and discuss his upcoming plans.

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