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SP Radio Podcast: The seasons roll on by

Download this week’s episode here.

This week on the show, Gretchen and Bradley Bergstrand of Coed Pageant drop by the studio to chat about tunes and seasons — specifically, the third in their series of four season-themed EPs, The Seasons EPs Vol. 3: Sundry Summer (which you can conveniently read a review of here). They take some time out from preparing the latest release and getting ready for the release party/concert to tell us about finding musical inspiration in the seasons (even when the weather doesn’t cooperate), how the themes for each differ, the challenges of writing/recording/producing the EPs in a handful of weeks, and much more.

Plus, we play a track from the winter EP, Winter Blitz, to start things off and then a song from the newest release. You can listen to the spring release, Rumspringa, on their Bandcamp page as well.

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