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SP Radio Podcast: The Great Cover Up 23

[[mp3 sp_radio_great_cover_up]]

On this episode of Smile Politely Radio, we speak with local concert do-everything Ward Gollings about the 23rd edition of The Great Cover Up. The Cover Up is C-U’s annually musical Halloween in January, which sees scores of local bands covering artists from around the spectrum. Ward explains how everything originally got started and why he officially took the reins for the fourth year. He then discusses the process of organizing 28 bands, and why he’s learned that too much advance planning can be a bad thing. Finally, we play a couple of tracks from the 2013 edition of the Great Cover Up.

The 2014 edition starts this Thursday, January 16 at the Highdive in downtown Champaign. Full information about the dates and lineup can be found here.

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