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SP Radio Podcast: The Butcher arrives in Urbana

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In modern American society, there’s a pretty big disconnect between people and the origins of their food. But in the last decade, a movement has grown to help demystify food and the process of its creation. Thankfully, Chambana has plenty of people willing to fix that problem, including our guest for this week’s show Joshua Boyd. Josh plans to open a butcher shop in downtown Urbana to sell locally sourced sausages, bacon, ham, and more. Boyd, who has most recently been the head chef at Carmon’s and the late-night chef at Black Dog, chats with us about his goals, why local meat is important, and how we can all become more engaged with our food. And of course, given the holiday weekend timing of the show, we prod him for some grilling tips and favorites while we’re at it. Boyd is using the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for start-up funds, and there is still time to contribute if you are interested.

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