Smile Politely

SP Radio Podcast: Monday Monday, so good to us

Listen to/download this week’s podcast here.

On this episode of Smile Politely Radio, we took an excursion to the glowing neon sign of Carmon’s, a Champaign fixture. We interviewed providers of ambiance and deliciousness Josh Boyd and Jenna Frye about menu changes, cocktails, pop-up dinners, and breathing new life into a Champaign classic. They shared with us the inspirations for the pop-up dinners, some of the crazier ideas they’ve had so far (which may or may not happen in the future), and how they keep the focus on the food — and with occasional energy also expended on food-related playlists and costumes to complete the experience. Plus, the truth about running a restaurant (hint: it ain’t easy).

For your safety, have a snack before listening to the show. Because it WILL make you hungry.

Tonight (Monday, July 23), Carmon’s is having their hot dog shack.

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