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SP Radio Podcast: An institute for getting the creative juices flowing

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This week on the show, Bill Longfellow, director of the newly opened Institute for Creativity (I4C), joins us in the studio to offer up details, info, and some nitty gritty on this new organization.

I4C is a non-profit located in downtown Champaign aimed at offering instruction and inspiration to the general public through a variety of workshops, classes, and more.

We start things off with talking about the very concept of creativity and how everyone everywhere has it and can develop it. Bill then guides us into all the specifics, including the upcoming schedule of classes, the impetus behind the founding of I4C, and how I4C “promotes active creative networking and collaboration by cultivating a unique synergy of education, arts, humanities, science, technology, and ecology.” Plus there’s a great series of music-focused events going on this upcoming weekend that we get the details on, and which you can learn more about on the I4C Facebook page.

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