Smile Politely

See You, Speak Up: Urbana’s Dimitria Johnson

At Smile Politely, we’re interested in what the people of Champaign- Urbana think about this place we call home. So how do we find out what they think? Simple. We ask them.

Name: Dimitria Johnson

Occupation: Secretary III

Original Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Current Hometown: Urbana, Ill.

Number of Years Living in the C-U Area: 12 years

Age: (No answer)

Five things I really like about C-U:

1. The small-town feel
2. My church and the place I work
3. The furthest place away is 10–15 minutes
4. Being close to my family
5. The multicultural-ness of it all

Five things I really don’t like about C-U:

1. That Urbana does not have much to offer
2. There’s not a variety of things to do for nightlife — and daytime as well
3. There needs to be more parent involvement in the public schools
4. Racism within the African American race as well as other races
5. Sushi and Indian food

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