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New local business: Texture Home

I was invited to the opening of Texture Home and I thought I’d share with you some photos of what the store looks like inside and some of the coolest products I saw. I also spoke with the owner, Christy Camarca, about her new store.

SP: What is Texture Home?

Christy Camarca: Texture Home is a home furnishings and decor boutique offering a unique, contemporary blend of new, old, restyled, handmade, and hand sewn pieces. 

SP: Where do you products come from?

Camarca: Our products come from almost everywhere. Our sources include everything from auctions and other second hand markets to brand new furniture and accessories lines.

SP: What are your favorite pieces in your store?

Camarca: The grouping you see upon entering the store includes some of our favorite pieces and showcases the blending of styles and eras that represent the look of Texture Home and our philosophy of good design. A rare mid century, brown, Saltsman expandable, slat bench pairs beautifully with a new, tailored, tufted sofa from Gus, a modern furniture company.

SP: Who should come check out your store?

Camarca: Anyone seeking something unique and different, a one of a kind vintage piece, or a new classic for their space.

See more about Texture Home, located at 1107 Windsor Road in Champaign, by clicking here

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