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Market at the Square is back for 2015

The sun was shining this past Saturday, the vegetables were ripe, and the people were loving it. Cheers to a great start of the season at Urbana’s Market at the Square.

Below, he is a Wonder Woman fan. 

Below, a great mustache.

Below, honey sticks.

Below, so cute!

Below, “who is your favorite super hero?” And now you know. 

Below, these shirts are so dorky they are cool. “Corn and beans, beans and corn?” Awesome!

Below, I love the rough edge look of this soap.

Below, bad to the bone. 

Below, the artist’s daughter working hard to sell prints. I absolutely love this artists work and I am hoping to get an interview with her. 

Below, despite the heat, the beanies made their appearence today. 

Below, another beanie. 

Below, “I make these by hand. You can put whatever you want in them. I set one by my door and throw my keys in it.”

Below, he couldn’t wait to bite into that fresh carrot!

Below, I couldn’t resist buying an emu egg. What am I going to do with it? No clue. But it is cool!

Below, I loved Pamela’s work. They are water color paintings of nature. She was selling prints and originals. I picked up 3 5×7 prints for only $15. I am hoping to do an artist interview with her, too. 

Below, how cute are these crown hair clips?

Below, talent, precision, and delicious are words to describe Sarah’s work. Look at those asparagus cookies!

Below, if I played guitar I would have to have one of these. 

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