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Major Fire Destroys Historic Building in Downtown Champaign

With details still coming in, there is little more to report yet as to how and why and when, but this is from the city manager, Steve Carter:

There has been a major fire downtown. You probably have heard on the news if listening or watching. The SW corner of Church-Neil. A huge fire when reported. The building collapsed. Fortunately the fire crews were able to keep it from spreading to adjoining buildings. Smoke and water damage mostly to the building south. Some minor damage to M2—windows broken. No injuries reported. Mutual aid used to help downtown and to staff our stations as our folks were down here. The heart of downtown will be pretty well blocked off while they continue to check for hot spots, make sure the area is safe, and clean up. The command car is in front of Mary Ann’s (sic) diner.

Video courtesy of Cecil Bilbo.

Ed. Note: These photos were forwarded to us through a long chain of emails. If these are your photos, please let us know so that we may give you credit.

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