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Legion car club peels out towards Chicago

Legion is a local car club. Last Saturday, they met at Planet Fitness in Champaign and drove up to Chicago to watch the new Fast and Furious movie. I spoke with one of the founders, Jordan Butts. 

Below, Butts with his latest car

Below, Legion founders

Butts explains, “Car enthusiasts are often separated into different cliques. You’ve got your muscle car guys, imports, ect. Our goal is to bring together all auto enthusiast whether your into imports, car audio, domestics ect.”

Below, members adhering their “Legion” logo before the drive up to Chicago

Butts goes on about the culture of their club, “To be apart of what we are doing, you really just need to be a genuine individual that has a passion for cars.”

Butts comments on the stereotype car people can be degrading towards one another, “We are extremely against shit talking and putting down other people’s vehicles.”

Butts on style: “Everybody has their own style, that should be expressed however that individual chooses to do so.”

See more photos in the gallery below.

[gallery legion]

Want to know more about the group? Check out their Facebook page. 

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