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Flying high at Huff Hall

Last Saturday, I went to see my first Men’s Gymnastics match at Huff Hall, located at Armory and 4th Street on campus. The event was free, and in addition to the match, supportive staff provided a concession stand, an iPad raffle, free posters, and a station for kids to make signs. The crowd was strong, engaged, and full of parents (of both teams), fans, students (dressed in green), and children. 

The athleticism of these gymnists is striking. First, the shape these guys were in — incredible. On top of that was their ability to propel their bodies through the air. It was pretty amazing.

Lastly, the spirit. The teammates were incredibly supportive of one another during and after a set. Being so close to the floor, you could hear them clearly cheering on their teammate. It was great to hear. 



See more photos in the gallery below.

[gallery uiuc_gymnastics_gallery_picks]

I imagine the women’s gymnastic meets are just as impressive. The incredible athleticism combined with the spirit, free entry, and supportive staff efforts makes a U of I gymnastic event a no brainer for an hour of your evening. 

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