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Designer distractions

Hate studying for midterms? Me too. Don’t let my red-dotted Gchat status fool you — if I’m away, I’m most likely mindlessly clicking through these sites, hoping to distract from more tedious things like to-do lists and essays. Here are six of my go-to fashion bloggers.

1. Karla’s Closet: With a love for old-school blazers and tiny dresses, Karla Deras pairs delicate pieces with darker thrift store finds, not to mention the occasional splash of ’80s that will only make you wonder what kind of wacky glances she gets on the street. A consistent high heel-wearer, Karla will have you dreaming of running around California in stilettos just as easily as she does, instead of being stuck in wintry boots for half the year.

2. Fashion Toast: I worship at the altar of Rumi Neely. With her ubiquitous short shorts, ’90s flair, and love for anything black, studded, or leather, her outfits are usually more hit than miss, but always cause you to stop and think, regardless of if you’d parade them down Green Street yourself. Neely’s baggy tees and sky-high boots make her a poster child for Alexander Wang’s laid back chic, and the site’s artful photography shot by her oddly jock-like boyfriend add a magazine-y feel to the site. It’s no surprise that she’s gathered a smattering of followers, which include clothing company RVCA, whose fall ’09 ad campaign she’ll be starring in, officially making the crossover from web pages to paper.

3. Style Bubble: This girl dresses like a total alien, and it’s unbelievable. If you need inspiration or just want to look at some silly outfits, Susie Lau’s site, arguably the most well-known personal style blog in the fashion community, is the place to go.

4. Sea of Shoes: I hate that I read this blog, but I just can’t help myself. Jane Aldridge, its teenage author, owns an obscene amount of designer shoes and clothing that will make you so green with envy that you’ll be sporting a perfect hue for St. Patty’s Day. While the rest of us spent our high school days singing showtunes in chorus or playing badminton in the gym, Jane comes home and plays with a shelf of unbelievable footwear, modeling runway-esque looks from inside her Dallas home. Considering teenagers can’t typically afford Givenchy or pronounce it, the designer duds are inferably her mothers, who, as I’ve pieced together from hints here and there, used to work in the fashion industry and goes vintage shopping. A lot. Give it a go, if you’re into shoes and hating your blog-free youth.

5. That’s Chic: Not only does the adorable Raych highlight her enviably classic outfits comprised of accessible pieces, she also showcases her Photoshop skills with fashion show round-ups that appear on the site every so often. If this girl’s wardrobe doesn’t make you want to tear through your closet to create flawless outfits like hers, I don’t know what will.

6. The Cherry Blossom Girl: Alix Bancourt is so feminine it hurts. With an unbelievable collection of pretty little things such as dainty dresses and pastel accessories, her oodles of fun objects and Parisian flair (embodied in antique-looking photos) will keep you clicking for days.

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