Smile Politely

Cubs Bow Out Early Again, Leaving Fans to Exchange Atari Anecdotes


Simply unbelievable my friends. A sweep. No wins. A story…

When I was eight years old my cousin gave my brother, sister and I his Atari 2600. After mashing through games like Adventure and Decathlon he loaned us Pitfall II.

The sequel to the original Pitfall became an instant family hit, but remains one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever played. Why? Well, when you touched an enemy you were instantly sent all the way back to the last Health station. At times, you could lose a ridiculous amount of progress. You literally could play for hours, make one mistake and all was lost. No gain, nothing. Check out the last 25 seconds:

You had a choice, quit or start all over again.

The Chicago Cubs and Pitfall II unfortunately have a lot in common for me and the rest of Cub nation. Start all over again? Really? Hmmm…

start by getting Cuban

and then getting Sabathia

…And maybe we’ll be willing to start over for the 101st time. But Cubbies, I’ve got to tell you, we’re tired.

See you in the spring my friends; take care and take it easy.

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