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Crane Alley Pumking party

Halloween is a worthy holiday to be celebrated. More worthy, though, is the flavor of the illucid Southern Tier Pumpking beer that drifts into town once a year and is snatched up immediately by beer lovers and casual drinkers alike. Crane Alley recognizes this and decided to take it one step further. They went out and bought a huge pumpkin, hallowed it out, and charred the inside. Then they ran their Pumking keg line into it and put a pour in the bottom. Instant awesome. 

Aside from the beer, Crane Alley decorated their bar and staff for the season. Usually they host a costume contest but I was told it was probably going to be called off due to lack of participation. Shame on you for not going dressed up!

Anyways, here are the photos. Enjoy.

Here are some of Crane’s decorations.

These two dressed up, but not for the contest, but because they love Halloween!

The cask.

The beer and the awesome Pumking mug.

The enthusiastic waitresses of Crane.

If you missed the event this year, have no fear, they will probably host another event.

And if you love Pumking beer, and know somewhere in town that still has some in stock, message me:

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